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Salumeria del Parco
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Salumeria del Parco

The wisdom of meat processing in our Salumerie is a craft that rocks down a long time, a father and daughter continue with inextinguishable passion and respect,
What has been in the tradition of family processing of cold meats.
The third generation is at the helm of a production that is of great value, without ever falling into compromises, which fits in the traditional mixing, seasoning and packaging technique.
The charismatic figure of the dessert dad coordinates and directs the salami, tanning, and sausage operations of the cured meats, after carefully selecting the raw material.
The search for the homemade meat, which is the result of cultivated cattle breeding, is not typical of intensive production, is a constant objective of supplying our delicatessen.
This highly selected product gives the result an aroma, a fiber and a refined and authentic flavor.
Montorio al Vomano is a land that has been in the slaughter and processing of beef in the capitol markets for more than a century and this portion of history is the best guarantee of professionalism and tradition.
A craft that grows in "nourishing" skills, and in the advancement of techniques and methodologies, almost without apparent effort the majors pass from generation to generation with a more sophisticated specific knowledge, a more refined technique and a more skillful skill.
In our deli, all this knowledge blends in with a gentle welcome, a rare ability to advise customers on combinations and culinary solutions in the tradition and modern search for flavor contamination.
The production of our salami is guaranteed by a strict selection of raw materials, and the same warranty extends to all quality products that you can enjoy.
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